Positive Stories

Photo of yellow lab, nose up sniffing and savoring the air

Is there anything easier to love than an adorable animal or favorite pet? What do you love most in your favorite animal? What song helps you savor your love for him or her? Share your answers (and mine) on Facebook!

Today I’m basking in love and appreciation for wonderful friends. What love note or quote would most inspire you today? What love song would you choose for your friends? What do you love most in your friends? Share your answers (and mine) on Facebook!

Photo of teddy bear and quote "You don't have to do anything to be adored. You only have to be."

Yesterday, we talked about the fact that most people strive to get others to love them. Happier people know it feels even better to give love than to receive — for them, every day can be a Valentine’s Day. Love Week is all about finding reasons to flow love to others — even if you […]

Photo and quote, "I can feel my love for you even if you aren't loving toward me."

What do most people do when they want to feel more valued, appreciated or at peace with people who work for them? Most people ask (or wish for) the other person to give them more love– in the form of effort, respect, or appreciation. What do happier people do? Instead of searching for how to […]

Photo of jack-o-lanterns and "You Light Up My Smile"

For Day 3 of Love Week — a week of finding reasons to flow love… What are some of your “life’s little luxuries” — everyday things that give you a little thrill each time you experience them? Today’s love fest is all about loving your life’s little luxuries… Love Note of the day:   From […]

Photo of a basketball and quote about being who you are.

Today is Day 2 of my Love Week — a week of finding reasons to flow even more love… When I asked entrepreneur Mark Sellew what he believes led to his success in growing his company over the past 32 years, he said, “You’ve got to love your customers. You’ve got to love your products. […]

Photo and Quote: "Just thinking of you as a baby makes me smile inside and out."

Today is Day 1 of my Love Week  — a week of finding reasons to flow even more love… I’m starting with some inspiration: a Love Note of the day and a Love Song of the day.  Then I’m primed to answer a Love Question of the day.  Hope you’ll join me and share the […]

Image for "You control what you think"

There are times when it doesn’t feel as if I have control of my thoughts– it’s more like my thoughts are the inmates running the asylum. That’s when I remind myself that the only thing that imprisons us is our own thinking. And when I remember that I control what matters most — my own […]

Photo of wrought iron fence with heart shape between posts

“I am optimistic about some things in my life, but you also have to be realistic,” writes an astute reader in response to Saturday’s Love Notes.  This belief in a trade-off between being optimistic and being realistic is something I hear often. In the “real” world of investments, most are aware of the psychological factors […]

Happy Golden Retriever Photo and Quote

  You may have heard people say, “you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child…”  I try to remind myself: that’s only true when I choose to let it be. I try to remember this when my child is going through a tough time.  It can feel more painful to see her suffer than to […]