Thrive Wellesley

A process to create
the best life opportunities for Youth

Our mission
is to engage parents, students, community, business and religious leaders, senior citizens and others in the Wellesley community to create the opportunities and culture that enable every child to develop their innate gifts and thrive in life, no matter how s/he does in school. We invite everyone in our community to bring his/her ideas to the discussions as we move beyond myths, build on Wellesley’s strengths, and put all our youth on a path to lifetime well‐being.

Outcomes to-date:

  • Wellesley’s Community Map for Youth, a comprehensive document that includes the elements of our community vision and supporting plans.
  • Positive change that begins with changing the public and private conversation to one that lifts up and appreciates every student.
  • Events, programs, and connections are created as part of the Thrive Wellesley process and as by-products of discussions.

Our Community Map for Youth was developed over two years:

What: Christine Duvivier of Positive Leaders LLC facilitates a series of discussions on ways to promote optimism, self-efficacy and lifetime happiness.  Beginning with her research findings: gifts in those who are not top students, The Myths of Education™ she identified, and what matters most for success in life.  Participants then identify existing strengths in Wellesley and create future visions for a community that allows every child to engage his/her gifts and helps every child to thrive in life, regardless of how s/he does in school.

Who: Our work is a community-wide process of positive engagement to

  • Define the strengths of our community
  • Build a positive community vision for 2015, and beyond, and
  • Identify additional resources desired to achieve our community vision.

Students (Middle, High, College and Non-College), Parents, Town Leaders, Educators, Business Leaders, Clergy and Retirees have participated.

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The Community System

What’s Different:  First, we are working with the entire community as one system, not fragmented parts.  It is the dynamics between the parts that is crucial to our performance as a whole.  Second, we are not venting about problems (which zaps energy and creates conflict). We identify positive aspects of our system and look for ways to build on existing strengths, which uplifts and expands energy.  Together, we create a shared positive image of the future and a comprehensive plan for Wellesley youth.  Third, we are not “selling”  a solution we have chosen (which creates resistance) but instead engaging the entire community to define solutions that the community buys into.  Finally, we focus on well-being and thriving.  Our purpose is to move beyond myths about developing our children’s gifts and to build the community elements that create life opportunities for youth.

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