Workshops for Parents, Educators and Professionals

Beyond the Myths of Education™

Middle Schools and HIgh Schools have become pressure cookers for academic performance and our kids are feeling the stress. Christine Duvivier’s groundbreaking research tells us how and why we are missing the true gifts our children possess and how we can view them differently. Learn More

What’s Right With My Teen?™

This interactive program dives deeper into Christine’s messages and gives you the language, tools, and skill to call forward the true genius within your student.  Apply positive tools, develop skills that increase family happiness. 6 Hours.  Learn More

There is a College Seat for Everyone


A COLLEGE BOOTCAMP FOR PARENTS, COUNSELORS, AND EDUCATORS.  Become a savvy consumer when college shopping, save money, get the stress out. Understand games colleges play and why ranking is a poor indicator of a college’s value.  1.5 hours.  Learn More…

Strengthening Teen Optimism

The relentless pressure of “Not Good Enough” haunts young adults Amplifying strengths and learning optimism are ways to improve performance and are powerful tools that help protect against anxiety and depression.  2 Hours.  Learn More…

Uncover Your Teen’s Gifts

Ensure success in your student’s future by accentuating his/her gifts.  Reduce pressure by de-stressing the college process, get the most out of education and learn how any student can go on to lead a rich life.   2 Hours.  Learn More…

Workshops and Mentoring for Young Adults