Maximize your potential. Tap into strengths. Lead change.

Leaders like you turn to me to help bring out what is best in themselves and their organizations. No matter what your current challenge—from leveraging a promotion to implementing a new corporate strategy—my guidance works to align you, your innate talents, and your team with your vision. The result gives you a new level of optimism and emotional resilience—two key attributes for achieving lasting, positive change.

I draw on my full career at a Fortune 50 firm, my post-graduate studies in positive psychology, and my rich experience across a range of industries as a leader and mentor to provide you with a tailored route to spectacular results. READ MY BIO.

My positive change mentoring has helped executives:

  • sail through a turbulent time of corporate upheaval.
  • create new revenue streams for the organization.
  • increase personal power, build resilience and identify strategies for intractable issues.
  • step up to and succeed in new roles with broader responsibilities.
  • get uncooperative colleagues to collaborate.
  • tap into the smart, gifted and capable in themselves and others.
  • feel engaged, hopeful, happy and optimistic.
  • be calm, clear, and confident.

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