How can leaders reduce stress and improve performance through communication and positive change? Recently I was interviewed about my work and my upcoming keynote address for leaders in perinatal nursing. Listen Here: Questions included: As the keynote speaker at this year’s Perinatal Leadership Conference in November, you know this conference addresses the importance of Communication […]

Can you believe we are almost in May? Winter was busy for me with lots of travel, work and fun.  In the past month, though, a topic has come up multiple times with very different people. Several of my clients have bumped up against the “worth issue,” which has got me thinking (yup,it happens occasionally). […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we pay attention — and how we often miss what’s best in our kids because we have our attention trained on what we think they should be doing. Now don’t start blaming yourself… our whole approach to education teaches us to believe our kids should be other than […]

What do you think is the most common mistake even smart women (and men) make that leaves them struggling with stress and worry about their futures… or their child’s? What did you come up with? I’d love to hear your thoughts: share them on Facebook and see below for the single biggest mistake I see […]

Happy Golden Retriever

This year I discovered I could put a new twist on an old resolution: Originally I wrote this with my kids in mind. This year, though it occurred to me that much of what I’ve been working on for myself and with clients is about the (misguided) notion we’ve been given that others cause us […]

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What would you guess are the four strengths found in people with the highest life satisfaction?  One is enthusiasm, according to research by Chris Peterson and Marty Seligman, and colleagues. This was inspiring news to me because “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference” is the book I read at 17 that sparked my lifelong passion for positive psychology.  With all the hype and stress about […]

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Listen to my interview with Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin, authors of the hot new book, “Profit from the Positive!” Discover answers to these questions (and many more)…. How can you increase performance 36%? Why not fire poor performers? What do you do instead? Why is a habit better than a goal? What is a […]

Solid Rock among early spring flowers and seedlings

Until today, I’ve never loved the word compassion. Is that harsh? Let me ask you this: what does compassion mean to you?  For me, it’s always had an undercurrent of sympathy, pity, of understanding and relating to someone else’s (or one’s own) pain.  It’s also meant to convey love, yet so often it seems to […]

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Is there anything easier to love than an adorable animal or favorite pet? What do you love most in your favorite animal? What song helps you savor your love for him or her? Share your answers (and mine) on Facebook!

Today I’m basking in love and appreciation for wonderful friends. What love note or quote would most inspire you today? What love song would you choose for your friends? What do you love most in your friends? Share your answers (and mine) on Facebook!