Mentoring students

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we pay attention — and how we often miss what’s best in our kids because we have our attention trained on what we think they should be doing. Now don’t start blaming yourself… our whole approach to education teaches us to believe our kids should be other than […]

Today I’m basking in love and appreciation for wonderful friends. What love note or quote would most inspire you today? What love song would you choose for your friends? What do you love most in your friends? Share your answers (and mine) on Facebook!

Hot Air Balloons

  Is summer a playful, fun, adventurous time for you and your family?  Fun might not seem all that important, but playing and joy and experimenting is great for well-being– at any age. As renowned expert, Dr. George Vaillant, says, “Real sophistication…is epitomized by knowing how to play.” Wouldn’t it be great if you could […]

Even though I know better, it’s easy to forget that where I put my attention is a choice. My choice. Sometimes I get caught in the trap of feeling stressed and I keep thinking about the stressful thing… I may even talk about it, which keeps it front and center…. and it’s like a whirlpool, […]

Happy Golden Retriever Photo and Quote

  You may have heard people say, “you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child…”  I try to remind myself: that’s only true when I choose to let it be. I try to remember this when my child is going through a tough time.  It can feel more painful to see her suffer than to […]

Have you ever found yourself trying to think more positively about something but in your gut or your chest you feel a clenching that says, “I don’t really believe this” ? If so, you’re not alone. Sometimes when we try thinking positively about a difficult topic,  not only do we not feel better, we may even […]

Standing amid the trees

People — students, recent graduates, parents, adults– are always talking to me about finding their “path.”  The notion being that if they can just figure out all the elements of what they’re good at, what careers they’re suited to, and where they can earn the living they want, they’ll discover  the path they should walk […]

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Have you noticed that passion is a favorite new word? “I’m trying to find my passion.” “What if I don’t have a passion?” “You’re so lucky you found your passion.” “I just want my son to find his passion.” I find it inspiring to see that so many people have a passion for passion. It […]

I sometimes wonder why so much of what is considered “good literature” for ourselves and for students has to be dark, depressing, or unhappy. I’m not against stories in which something bad happens, but knowing that bad news seizes and clings, while good news slides right off us, I like to prime myself with uplifting […]