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Communication, Leadership, Stress & Positive Change: An Interview

How can leaders reduce stress and improve performance through communication and positive change? Recently I was interviewed about my work and my upcoming keynote address for leaders in perinatal nursing. Listen Here:

Questions included:
As the keynote speaker at this year’s Perinatal Leadership Conference in November, you know this conference addresses the importance of Communication in the workplace and how valuable it is in creating a cohesive work environment, improving performance and providing the best possible care to patients and their families…

+ Can you give some examples of what communication mistakes people make in the workplace?
+ What communication tools promote a positive work environment?
+ What are some examples of how you’ve created better communication between employees and their bosses and how that in turn has helped improve the their work performance and the quality of their company?
+ What tips and knowledge will you offer to help leaders communicate more effectively not only with their co-workers but how they can better approach the emotional aspect of helping patients and families cope?
+ With the mental and emotional stress nurses face on a daily basis, it can put a damper on they way they communicate, their overall mood, and the care they give their patients. Will you be addressing and tips on how they can manage this stress?
+ How do you think your expertise will help these nurse leaders be better at their jobs and lead a more successful team?

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