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Looking for Worth in All the Wrong Places

Can you believe we are almost in May? Winter was busy for me with lots of travel, work and fun.  In the past month, though, a topic has come up multiple times with very different people. Several of my clients have bumped up against the “worth issue,” which has got me thinking (yup,it happens occasionally).

What I mean by the “worth issue” is believing that others’ opinions of them increases or decreases their worth. Most people look for worth in all the wrong places: grades, schools, evaluations, career, family, friends, money…. or some other external validator.

The alternatives? First and foremost, I’ve found that it’s powerful to listen deeply to the part of you that already knows you are worthy. I wrote briefly about this last week in “What I’d Say if You Wouldn’t Roll Your Eyes…” and judging from the responses I got to that note, it rings true for many of us.

Another path to re-discovering our worth, or to expanding on the voice within, is to be more specifically in touch with your authentic, best, most excited self (no matter what anyone else thinks). Too often, I see people dismiss, de-value or diminish what’s wonderful about themselves because it isn’t validated externally.

If you’d like tools to help with recognizing your true worth and potential, next week is the first of two online workshops on gifts and motivation (more below) that are designed to help you re-connect with the best in you.. and the people you love.

Let You Be You: Identify Hidden Gifts & Motivate Peak Performance.  May 2nd and May 16th (online from the comfort of your home, car or office).    Learn More…

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